Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Could Die - The Experience of Love, An Incomplete Description

No distraction, nothing to see, nothing to hear, enveloped in God's love. Dwell in it, feel it grow, let it wash over and fill you. It won't stop now nor will it ever, constant eternal love always growing. It's enormous, you're protected by it, nothing can penetrate it. Joy comes from it, uncontainable joy.
All things are inconceivable, unable to do anything but worship. And love continues to pour out. Irreplaceable, burning, unforgettable. So much love! Filling more and more, anticipating a pop, but it keeps on pouring, overflowing.
To be in the presence of the personification of love, the greatest of all desire, to experience His love with no end. To kneel at the feet of Christ and have Him hold you, completely cover you.
Utter completeness. So right, so filled, so desired and free. What is life? Death, who are you? This love brings more life, more fulfillment, more freedom than what is containable. You could die. Life is fleeting but God's love is eternal. What is this body but a vessel, a container.
To be in His house of love; dense, permeating love, all around you. To be able to let go of this life, there is no other place to be but in His love. You could die. No fear of it, perfect love embraces you.

True Lover

Little girl, my friend, let me tell you of a man who desires you. He wants every part of you, His very being aches for you. He will not stop even when He has your entire heart, His love will always pour out to you.
Loose these worries, loose these wants, chasing empty hearts, and grasping at cluttered minds. Let them go. Why do you concern yourself with these things?
Why do you only glance? Sight is deceitful. He waits for you, yet you're blinded by the things that only pass by. He waits for you, the apple of His eye.
You are the greatest delight to His ears; a sonnet, a ballad, a symphony. Every note and tone from your mouth is sweeter than any songbird's song. Your voice so smooth, so supple, there is no flaw in it.
The perfect diamond, a beautiful rose blooming in the reddest of reds. All pales in comparison when He looks upon you. He says, "See this woman, such perfection has there never been before and will never be again. I wish to embrace her forever, protect her from all harm, never let any foul word or thought come near her. Oh how my soul burns for her. Shadows scurry from her, she is the brightest most luminescent being I have ever laid eyes upon."
Release yourself, empty your jar of tears, burn your cries in fire. Be filled, do not deny the heart of this man any longer, your true lover.

Friday, April 25, 2014

An Attempt To Describe Indescribable Beauty

Defiant beauty that weakens my knees and tingles my toes. Butterflies swarm inside me, reside in me, confide in me. And my smile grows.
Seamless and perfect, radiant rushes of light blast by, deafening. Confound me, hold me, you told me; in a whisper so soft, so supple, like silk. My mind jumbles and tires, incomprehensible, unable to...
That's how it goes. From wake to rest upon this pillow. I let you interrupt my daily dealings, and it's pleasing. Pleasingly splendid, please again.
Insistent, persistent, always calling on me. Who am I to receive such company? The dawn of your eye pierces, and grasps, and fills every part of my being.
The warmth of your touch sets me ablaze, you surround me and protect me from the flames. Your smile is glory, victory, and truth. Your words the life I cling to, your name my salvation.
I am blind, no thought penetrate, no image imprint. I am filled beyond my capacity with love towards you. No word formed, not even an utter, indescribable.
All consuming and always resounding; your letters pin me, control me. I whither and renew. I attempt but am unable to. There is no other, none, beside you.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

This Is For You, I Love You

 For every stone throne, every sin cast, He was driven to take another step. If only they knew. Every spit in the face He muttered, "This is for you."

 His steps were driven, His steps were heavy. My, your, our burdens were the cross He bore on His back. It begins to crush Him. but all He does is smile and say, "This is for you."

 Each drop of blood from His forehead, upon which His crown punctured, was a drop of life traded for the dead. And He cried, "This is for you."

 Flesh hung from His body, ripped and broken. Our pride and lies shattered. The sand and the sun stung, but He winced and said, "This is for you."

 Upon that hill He lay on the cross, stretched His arms wide, and with every pound of hate He said, "I love you." With every pound of spite He said, "I love you." With every pound of cursing He said, "I love you."

 And He hung upon that hill of grace and mercy. His life and love poured out, every abomination resting on His shoulders. And He utters, from His heart and soul, through pain and ridicule, "This is for you, I love you!"

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Palm Road

 Uncontainable attitude of irreverence towards societal lies. Why hide behind slanted eyes and furrowed brows, tight lips shut. So many of you persistently live on Minced Street.
 I cannot help but laugh a raucous. How my gut agitates with antsy excitement. Come over here! In the midst of the anguish I see my joy will spread as a contagion.
 Open eyes, unwrinkled brows, show me those crows feet. Wear that dimple proud! You look silly trying not to smile.
 It's a simple barter; trade your laws for life, your shadows for light, your coarseness for might.
 Upturn this town, rip it from its roots. Transformed, leveled and revealed. We are intense, come crashing in, immense. They won't know what hit!
 Pause and revel in the mysteries of our character. What's next, how to react. Cross the threshold with me, and thousands more, an eruption of joy! The mundane is departed!
 New dreams of fantastical adventure. Obliterated are your past routines. Upon Palm Road is song and dance and front porch bands. Everyone is greeted with a hug and a hand.
 Town of freedom, town of love, no longer trapped. Forever compelled because Christ reigns proud!